250 Testa Rossa

So after a lot of time away from poly modelling I have finally decided on a project worth my time. I came across this amazing vehicle a long time ago and I thought I try and model it. Due to my busy schedule this will be a VERY long project so bear with me but I think its about time to start doing something on the side. So my subject for this project is non other but the 1967 Ferrarri 250 Testa Rossa. I Will try to document it as much as I can to share my work flow and hopefully this will help some of the beginner. so here it goes …..


Post 3

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here is some of the progress on the model. I have started to block in the rough shape. 

I have also stated working on the wheel. In my opinion in every car model wheels are extremely important so pay a lot of attention to that.

Post 2 Research

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Hey guys i started modelling the car some shots coming up soon. I have also gathered some more research material for instance the the hi res image of a tire which the guys from vintage tyres were nice enough to supply. I researched the tyre that would fit the car and asked vintage tyre guys to send the image over and they were kind enough to do so.

Post 1 Research

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The first stages is research.  The best source of the images I find are the companies who sell this vehicles. I have spent a couple of days online searching and these are some of the images.


As i continued my research I came across fantasy junction. I emailed them and see if they could send me their images and they were extremely helpful and sent me some high resolution images which are perfect for this project.  Their website has a lot of very helpful material so check it out :)  Here is one of the images they have supplied me with

and another perfect shot for headlight refference :) thanks to the great guys at fantasy junction.